Summer Term 2020
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9:00 aPrivate Lesson
9:00 aPrivate Lesson
9:00 aPrivate Lesson
9:00 aPrivate Lesson
9:00 aPrivate Lesson
Summer Term 2020
August, 2020
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Music School Registrar
Breaking The Time Barrier
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
We’ve talked regularly here about the 6 barriers to lifelong music participation. Five of them The Shedd can do a lot about – the 6th, not as much.
That 6th barrier, you have told us, is people not having “enough time”.
But “time” is what we all have a lot more of just now. Maybe more than we want!!
So maybe it’s time to try out a new instrument – and to do it with your child/grandchild or friend. Learn something brand new for both of you together for extra fun! Or maybe it’s time to pick up an old favorite that has been gathering some dust over the years.
You can take lessons now in person at The Shedd in the 3 floors of gorgeous, new, individually vented classrooms – or on-line if you prefer. The building is open 9:00-5:30 M-F, and we can schedule very flexibly to fit your time and personal schedules. There’s no time like the present!!
Term Announcements
- Summer session 2020 begins Sunday, June 13.
- Begin private lessons anytime!
- Mariachi del Shedd August 3-14)
Focus on Summer Camps
Mariachi del Shedd
Mariachi del Shedd 2020
Fernell López once again lead The Shedd's 2-week mariachi summer camp. If you are a middle or high school trumpet, guitar, harp or violin player (and or want to sing in Spanish), join us for the most exciting music camp in town! Read more...
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